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How Great Buildings Work

Jul 23, 2018

On today’s episode, Kath Williams is the president of Kath Williams and Associates. Kath Williams and Associates is a collaborative of creative independent contractors who come together to support innovative projects worldwide. Their goal is to change the way buildings are designed, built and operated through aggressive learning and continuous improvement.

Kath has a doctorate in education focused in conflict resolution and adult and higher education from Montana State University. She loves her job because she gets to work with amazing people on green building projects all over the world. She spends much of her time flying and traveling.

Kath is not a designer; her and her team help and support creative designers on architecture, engineering and construction side. Learn more about Kath, Kath Williams and Associates and LEED in this episode.

Key Topics

  • What LEED is
  • What does LEED stand for
  • How LEED is related to US building counsel
  • Type of projects that can be LEED projects
  • Basis for LEED originally
  • Why should a project assume LEED status
  • Differentiating LEED projects and buildings
  • LEED for healthcare, the most rigorous of LEED standards
  • LEED for schools, opportunity and focus for acoustics
  • Looking more holistically through LEED
  • Processes of getting LEED status
  • The future of LEED


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