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How Great Buildings Work

Aug 16, 2019

Our guest today is Nick Searle, and our topic is Chilled Beams. What are they? Where are they used and why you should have them in your building?

Nick is in sales and is a Chief Engineer for Titus, specializing in chilled beams and underfloor air distribution. Nick resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area, but he is originally from the UK.  He moved to the United States about 12 years ago to help bring innovative chilled beam technology to the US market. Titus is a leading supplier and manufacturer of air distribution products with a focus on providing healthy and efficient building environments.

Nick has a colorful personality, and a passion for the products he promotes.  I hope you enjoy learning from his expertise during this episode!

Key Topics

  • Nick’s journey from the UK to the US
  • History of chilled beams
  • What is a chilled beam?
  • The 3 basic types of chilled beams
  • Air quality in educational applications is key
  • The what and why of DOAS systems
  • Water -vs- Air - Why water wins.
  • Is that load latent or sensible, and why do you care?
  • Myth busters – humid climates and chilled beams
  • Maintaining a chilled beam system saves 
  • Other reasons chilled beams are smart for your building

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