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How Great Buildings Work

Jul 9, 2018

On today’s episode, we will be talking about how in floor radiant heating and cooling systems work. Our guest, Devon Abilon, will share the ins and outs of heating and cooling systems.

Devon Abilon is the Business Development Manager at Uponor North America. He has over 23 years’ experience in HVAC and plumbing industries with a focus on high performance and sustainable building, design and construction. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is a registered professional engineer in California and Arizona. He is also an active member of ASPE and Ashray.

When starting out, Devon was working as consulting engineer. He worked in consulting and air for over 15 years. Starting out, he worked for a firm in Phoenix, Arizona. He ended up managing their Business Operations in San Diego, California. Through personal experience, he learned how and how not to design a radiant system.

9 years ago he got an opportunity to switch directions with Uponor. He has been able to work with engineers across the country on innovative projects. Learn more about Devon and his expertise around radiant heating and cooling systems in this episode.

Key Topics

  • 3 modes of heat transfer
  • Radiant systems first being used in the United States
  • Components of radiant systems
  • How radiant systems work
  • Applications of radiant heating and cooling is used
  • Uses in corporate settings
  • Limitations to radiant cooling and heating
  • Why you would use radiant system instead of conventional system
  • Health benefits of radiant heating and cooling systems

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