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How Great Buildings Work

Nov 30, 2017

In this episode we will be discussing Geothermal Heating Systems.   We will explain how the relatively constant temperature of the earth is leveraged to create dynamic, yet highly efficient heating systems for our homes, offices and schools.  This episode will give a brief history of the technology behind geothermal heating systems, explain the basics of how these systems work and discuss potential benefits or limitations of using a geothermal system.

About our Guest:

Craig Fishbach, the heat pump product sales manager at Daikin Applied will be our guest today.  Craig provides training and presentations for various heat pump projects and systems.  He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer from the University of Minnesota.  He lives and works in Denver Colorado, but travels across the northwest providing training and support to vendors, engineers and contractors who are interested in using geothermal heat pumps in their projects.  Diakin Applied is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of HVAC equipment.  They build geothermal equipment along with other items such as chillers and air handlers.

Episode Topic List:

  1. Introduction of our Guest, Craig Fishbach
  2. How Craig ended up in the geothermal field
  3. Brief history of geothermal HVAC systems
  4. Number of geothermal systems in place today
  5. How do geothermal systems work?  The Basics
  6. How is cold ground water used to produce heat?
  7. Types of geothermal loops: Closed Loops -vs- Open Loops
  8. Types of geothermal systems: Forced Air, Water-to-Water
  9. What geothermal heating systems look like
  10. Noise concerns
  11. Applications of geothermal systems: Commercial, Residential
  12. Limitations to where geothermal can or cannot be used:  Geography, Climate, Government Regulations, Other Factors
  13. Efficiency of geothermal systems
  14. How much more efficient is geothermal over a conventional system?
  15. Costs associated with geothermal systems
  16. Availability of federal tax credits or other incentives for installing geothermal systems
  17. Where can people go to learn more about Daikin McQuay and geothermal heat pumps?